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Our Services

We have different types of insurance to cover your needs during different stages of your life.

Seguro de vida con ahorro

Life insurance with savings

Seguro de vida temporal sin ahorro

Term Life Insurance without savings

Seguro de incapacidad

Disability insurance

Seguro de gastos médicos mayores internacionales

International Major Medical Expense Insurance

Do you need personalized guidance?

Why choose Legacy Insurance?

We are a US company with presence in Mexico, Middle East, Central, and South America. Our specialty if in offering our clients financial advice and assistance in selecting products that will help secure their family’s future. Legacy Professional and Family Insurance, created in 1960, has been diligently working to protect and increase your wealth.


How is it done?

Together we draw up your financial goals and assist in building different scenarios that will assess your choices and their eventual medium and long term performances.


Global Presence

From wherever you are, we can bring security closer to you. There are no borders that limit us from providing the necessary assurance for you and your family.


We walk hand in hand

We support you throughout the process and provide you with the best tailored plan.

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    Our Clients, Our Quality

    We appreciate the trust of our clients during these 59 uninterrupted years of great success.

    I have never had the certainty and guarantee of my assets. Since I switched to Legacy Insurance, my future and assets' security has been more precise, I highly recommend them.

    Janet Rivero | Client

    I feel very comfortable with the Legacy Insurance service. They have exceeded my expectations of attention and service; in my opinion, they are the best.

    Marcia Valdivia | Client

    I switched to Legacy Insurance 1 year ago, I had tried several insurance and wealth advisory services. Still, I was never satisfied, now everything is different thanks to the advice, the service, and the alternatives offered to me; thanks for your professionalism.

    Fernando Gilberth | Client

    I thank the Legacy Insurance team, I have invested for several years in the insurance they offer, and I am thrilled with the results. Still, above all with the quality of their services, I can say that I feel very taken care of, I highly recommend them.

    Edmundo Rios | Client

    I am delighted with the advice you have given during these years. I have made the best decisions in my assets and personal care, thanks to Legacy Insurance.

    Anita Sánchez | Client

    Life insurance is a complement to the insured assets because it guarantees immediate liquidity to your family members at the time of death. If you only had real estate, shares, etc., your heirs would have to settle and sell it poorly to have immediate liquidity.

    Ileana Ortega | Broker Legacy Insurance

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