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At What Age Should You Buy Life Insurance?

At What Age Should You Buy Life Insurance

Life insurance allows us to be prepared for any threat that may arise. These policies can be contracted on one's own life or on a third party with one or more policyholders. Through collecting a premium, either one-time or periodic, life insurance undertakes to pay the beneficiary the stipulated benefit. A crucial part of acquiring life insurance is choosing when to get coverage. Your age, along with your health and additional factors, influences insurance prices, which means buying sooner could save you money. But when specifically should you get coverage depends on your particular circumstances, mainly who else depends on...

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Reasons to buy life insurance when you are young

Reasons to buy life insurance when you are young

Most of the time, young people are in better health than older adults, and their concerns are different. However, if you are a young adult starting your financial life, think ahead about the advantages of starting to save through life insurance. We believe that this will be your best move at your current stage in life. Talking about life insurance is usually dull for young people. While you are still young, you may think that taking out life insurance is somewhat ineffective at this time of your life since you do not have a family that depends on you. Still, it...

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What is the best health insurance in Mexico?

Best health insurance in Mexico

In Mexico, medical insurance has become quite relevant due to its primary goals: cover health-related expenses without abruptly affecting finances. Although each insurance has different characteristics, the real question is: What is the best health insurance in Mexico? We know the value of accurately informing people interested in having health insurance. We explain how to consider which insurance is the best for you here at Legacy Advisor. There are 4 types of insurance related to medical care: medical insurance, medical insurance for major expenses, life insurance, disability insurance. Sometimes it is widespread to confuse these terms or summarize them to a...

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