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What is the best health insurance in Mexico?

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What is the best health insurance in Mexico?

Best health insurance in Mexico

In Mexico, medical insurance has become quite relevant due to its primary goals: cover health-related expenses without abruptly affecting finances. Although each insurance has different characteristics, the real question is: What is the best health insurance in Mexico? We know the value of accurately informing people interested in having health insurance. We explain how to consider which insurance is the best for you here at Legacy Advisor.

There are 4 types of insurance related to medical care: medical insurance, medical insurance for major expenses, life insurance, disability insurance. Sometimes it is widespread to confuse these terms or summarize them to a single word that is usually “major medical expenses. The truth is that each of these policies has its specifications. Medical expenses insurance covers any injury that affects the insured’s integrity or health caused by an illness or accident.

The best medical insurance in Mexico is the private sector. Relevant specifications are made within the policies to cover each need of the interested party. Within this same panorama, some indicators help those interested in deciding on an insurer. The best insurers in insurersthe ranking are chosen with greater confidence because it shows how concerned the insurance agency is in solving the insured’s needs, concerns, and doubts.

Among the insurers with low ratings is Metlife, with a score of 4.4 in Individual Health Insurance; Zurich obtained 4.0 in Collective medical expenses and Mapfre 4.3.

These criteria are estimated by a specialized national department where the care of the policies is analyzed. According to data, 50% or more Mexicans have health insurance, in addition to their job insurance. About 77% have health insurance that regularly covers their expectations.

Before contracting health insurance, we have to know the insurance market, analyze what needs are to be covered, evaluate what type of protection is required, and compare various sectors’ options.

At Legacy Advisor, we are specialized in providing advice and financial services. We can help you build scenarios to measure the impact of your decisions and their eventual performance in the medium and long term.